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Multi PA System Override

VOS 600

Emergency Override


This voice/tone operated switch is designed to allow a main public address system, for example in a shopping complex, to override individual music/public address systems in the numerous shop premises within the complex in the event of an emergency, or a need for a general announcement.


VOS 600 can be powered from either 24vdc or 220/235 ac 50hz mains supply. On detection of an emergency signal from the main public address system, a relay will ensure that the local public address/music system is disconnected from its loudspeakers and that these are then connected to the main public address emergency line.


User Configurable


The relay can be set to normal or fail/safe mode as relevant to the installation emergency functionality. A second relay, also activated by the emergency signal from the main public address system, within dependent, dry, 2 pole changeover contacts, can be used for any associated needs, e.g. a lamp or alarm circuit.


Installation is simple; the main public address system speaker line is 'looped' into each individual public address area.


VOS 600 allows for adjustment on installation of override emergency signal detection levels from the main public address system.


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